What to Bring for an Inpatient Stay

If you will be participating in an inpatient treatment program at Highlands Behavioral Health System, come prepared for your stay by reading through our lists of permitted and prohibited items. Any items you bring that are not allowed on the unit will be sent home or held in a secure space until your time of discharge.

Accepted Personal Items

Please bring all items in one bag – carry-on size or smaller
Please label bag with the patient’s name and Patient ID Number
Please bring your personal Photo ID and Insurance ID Card on admission

During your stay, you may have only the following items in your possession:

  • 3 Shirts (t-shirt / sweat shirt / long sleeve)
  • 3 Pants / Sweatpants / Shorts
  • 5 Underwear
  • 3 Bras (Sports Bras Only)
  • 1 Set appropriate Nightwear – PJ shirt & Pant
  • Eye Glasses or Contacts
  • 1 Hair Tie Only
  • 1 Personal Comfort Item – Stuffed animal or pillow or blanket
  • 1 Paperback Book

None of the following items are allowed during your stay:

  • All personal hygiene products
  • Cell phones / electronic devices
  • Clothing that is revealing or immodest
  • Tank tops / spaghetti straps / sleeveless
  • Leggings / yoga pants / shorts above the knee
  • All Rings / watches / piercings / jewelry of any kind
  • Footwear with no back / All slippers /sandals /slides /crocs /flip-flops
  • Footwear with thick/hard sole / boots / Uggs / heels
  • Items with strings / robes / loose knit clothing
  • Socks / belts / scarves / suspenders / ties
  • Hats / head wear / any item with a hood
  • Inappropriate images or phrases
  • Torn, studded or jeweled items
  • Make-up / hair irons / dryers
  • Thong style underwear
  • Personal art supplies / Journals
  • Hard cover books / magazines
  • Outside food or drink

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